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This organization is dedicated to Melinda, my beloved chow-chow of 12 wonderful years.  Thank you for your love and companionship.  You are dearly missed.
                    - Lu Alvarez,President
Four Legged Life Savers, Inc founded in 2003, is a Connecticut based 501(c)3 non-profit all volunteer organization devoted to reducing the number of unneccessary euthanizations of companion animals due to pet overpopulation.
With our low cost spay/neuter program, FLLS can promote sterilization rather than euthanization.  With each surgery the cat will recieve a brief exam, vaccinations (rabies, distemper, upper/lower respiratory infection), nail trimming and ear mite treatment (if needed).  By offering asssistance to cat owners of pet or feral cats, we can help reduce the growing number of unwanted animals.  (For more information visit our "Spay/Neuter Program Page". 
FLLS is a small organization and has no shelter of it's own.  We do not take in any animals but can assist pet owners and rescue organizations place animals into new homes by listing them on our Petfinder web page.
We strive to someday live in a world where each animal born will have a loving, permanent home waiting for them.  We hope tp achieve this through our low cost spay/neuter program and by educating current and future pet owners of the life-saving benefits and the importance of sterilizing their pets.
"Animals who haven't even been conceived today will die next year, unless someone works now to prevent them from being born.  Creative, new efforts must be made to attack the problem at its root."
                                                   - Gail Parmer, The Spayed Club
We are all affected by animal overpopulation even those who do not have pets.  Four Legged Life Savers, Inc has taken the initiative and you can help save an animal's life by altering your pets.  We are here to help benefit animals and the general population by providing a program that is dedicated to the welfare of animals.
Four Legged Life Savers, Inc needs you - join us!  Volunteers are needed to help raise awareness of the ever growing number of unfortunate animals and help raise funds for our much needed program. 
No time to volunteer - Donate.  Our program is solely funded  by contributions and fundraisers. 
Four Legged Life Savers, Inc
PO Box 2277
Meriden, CT 06450


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